The platform for high quality video advertising

  • YouTube is where great ads get lots of traction. This is where your creative can shine in front of a huge, highly-engaged audience and next to some of the best content on the internet.
  • Our rated and vetted video shooters are in over 900 cities, as well as directors, photographers, drone operators and makeup artists. 70+ creative categories are at your fingertips, on location and ready to go to build the next best content for YouTube.

Understand the ad formats that support your goals

  • From bumper ads that are built to capture attention immediately across a broad audience to TrueView, the format that lets your creativity shine in front of a more engaged viewer, YouTube can support any content goals.
  • With an in-house team of producers and 12,000 proven external video professionals, we help you produce content in the format that gets results.

Data-driven optimization

  • The moment you publish creative online, the data about how people are watching starts flowing. This is where 90 Seconds takes control, letting you use the data at your fingertips to optimise your content again and again.
  • Automatically re-cut a video to bring your message forward and reduce viewer drop-off, or get a team with local knowledge in another market to create a localised version for a new audience.
  • Uncover the real value from your video by using a content creation platform that understands the numbers.