Hospital Information System (HIS) which means making a hospital management paperless

A hospital management system, integrated information system design to manage the administrative, financial and clinical aspect of a hospital.

This encompasses paper-based information processing as well as data processing system.

Managing the patient flow effectively is a real time requirement. We have made this tricky process simple.

Hospital management system gives you user interface in all languages, easy to use by one click switch between languages, ideal for managing Hospital Chains all around the world.

Reduces waiting time and enhances patient care by providing staff with accurate and timely patient information.

Features of GSTech HIS Software

  • Useful for General Practitioners, Surgeons, Gynecologist, Small to big hospital, Nursing homes, and all Physicians.
  • Generate Prescriptions in less than 60 seconds.
  • Easy to use patient visit details (OPD/IPD) modules.
  • Prescription in regional language.
  • Family wise patient records management
  • Various Predefined Certificate.
  • Detailed demographical and clinical data analysis.
  • Various Predefined Certificate.
  • Billing and account manager for your accounting needs.
  • Built in backup and restore facilities
  • Multi-user and LAN compatible
  • Compatible with any Windows 9x or higher version
  • Two Ways Synchronization
  • SMS Facility