Hundreds of small businesses in Bangladesh using GsTech accounting software, for bookkeeping everyday transactions. It is one of the best accounting software for small businesses in Bangladesh. GSTech connects you to all things business. It is not only one of the top accounting software in Bangladesh but also the best online CRM software in Bangladesh that connects you to customers, accountants and bookkeepers, your bank etc. Start a free trial today to check the features in action.

Best Small Business Accounting Software in Bangladesh: GSTech

GSTeh offers a range of features for all types of small businesses. This includes any small business including educational institutes, electronics shops, consultants, service providers and more. Whether you’re just starting out, expanding or have an established business, GSTech is packed with basic and advanced features to meet your CRM & accounting needs that made it one of the best accounting software in Bangladesh.

What is GSTech software?

GSTech is a CRM software with accounting system designed for growing businesses in Bangladesh. It is also the holder of our Great User Experience and Useful Free Trial options. Generally, it can be described as an intuitive accounting solution designed for small businesses to handle their finances and to remain on top of their cash flow. The operation of top accounting software in Bangladesh is very simple, easy-to-use, and able to help you make intelligent data-based decisions. It is also the pioneer accounting product of a reputed software provider, which eliminates all worries related to uptime, support, or security.

With GSTech, you can send professional invoices to customers and begin receiving online payments from them all from a single platform. It’s fast, powerful, and convenient, and helps regain control over the company’s finances and save more in the future. Using the ERP version of the software, you can rely on features such as cash flow statements, P&L, Balance sheets, and many more. As it is small-biz and midmarket-friendly, GSTech is relatively painless to afford.

Overview of GSTech Software Benefits

GSTech streamlines all essential accounting tasks and organizes all types of transactions on the same platform. With this best accounting software in Bangladesh, you will always keep in line with the outstanding bills and invoices of your company, control your expenses to save money, and eliminate compliance worries.

The first and most obvious benefit from this system is the possibility for clients to pay conveniently and without abandoning your website. Now, they can purchase products and services regardless of their location, while you get rid of boring and repetitive tasks. In this case, all of your recurrent bills, payment reminders and auto charges will be automated with minimal intervention.

Another great thing is that GSTech facilitates managing the finances of individual projects, letting you schedule assignments and tasks as well as track and follow up activities via your smartphone or tablet. GSTech makes sure you will deliver all projects in time without necessarily making monitoring the leader of your priorities. Simply insert your sheets and client information in the system, and bill them to customers in a second.

Why should you consider GSTech Software for your business?

It belongs to the extreme productivity suite!

GSTech Solutions is one of today’s leading software providers with more than 13 thousand users using the best accounting software in Bangladesh. Several products are available to help users manage their business activities, be those related to boosting sales or managing customers and finance. As they all belong to the same suite, these 25 applications will be available to you all from the same account.

To make matters even better, GSTech is tightly integrated with GSTech SOLUTIONS Apps, which means it can solve more than your accounting challenges. To start with, it will help you obtain a full, holistic picture of your business health, and make smarter decisions in the future.

Automates Bank Feeds

The distinctive advantage of GSTech is how it eliminates data entry, and allows you to import all bank and credit card transactions, and categorize those according to your bank’s rules. This possibility doesn’t only save time but makes sure you’re working safely, and in line with all compliance standards.

Automates Payment Reminders

Thanks to GSTech, you can create personalized messages for customers to pay on time, and schedule their frequency in a way you believe would be suitable.

Help engage customers

Unlike most financial management systems, GSTech is packed with collaboration features and makes sure users will feel involved in the payment process. To start with, you will enable them to access their estimates and invoices, and make direct payments using the robust online client portal. Another handy possibility for your clients is to accept/decline their estimates and to comment on them.

Sends and tracks invoices

GSTech will also cater to your needs to collect prepayments and retainers, depending on how much time or work you’ve provided to your customers. You are perfectly allowed to pull off invoices for each estimate, record your offline payments, or even associate those to selected projects and invoices. The same as with regular payments, you will be able to run detailed reports on all sent retainers.

It is integrated with Stripe to facilitate reconciliation

GSTech’ integration with Stripe helps reconcile each type of transaction, looking at the full picture of how money is moving in and out of the clearing account, and which processing fees are going to apply for it.

It manages and tracks your projects

For any of your projects, you can log in and enter the time you spent completing it so that GSTech would record the expenses incurred for it, and invoice clients about it. This saves the admin loads of useful time, as operations are assigned as they as should – to employees in charge, and contractors.

It is well-integrated

GSTech comes with robust and RESTful API that exposes it to third-party systems, which means that with a little of developers’ help, you can expand the functionality from your own platform. The fact that these APIs are REST-based means that creative owners can develop and test their own applications.

Eliminates obstacles between sales and accounting departments

Thanks to the fact that GSTech is integrated with GSTech CRM, you can also use it to follow the credit statuses of your customers, create new orders, access product pricing information, and much more.

Efficiently manages stocks and inventory

Another helpful feature that is not that typical for accounting systems is inventory management, which helps you stay in control of orders and stocks in real time. Creating and sending purchase orders takes almost no time, and inventory reports are generated automatically to ensure you will know exactly what there is in your stock.