Managed VPS from GS Host-Bd

Get a dedicated Virtual Server fully configured with Web Server, FTP Server, Database Servers (SQL Server & MySQL) secured with Firewall. It also includes unlimited Email accounts on GS Host-Bd dedicated Email Server and access to GS Host-Bd primary and secondary DNS Servers. All your services can be managed from an integrated control panel. You can host unlimited Websites and have complete control over your server with root/administrative access. Available operating systems include: Windows Server 2012 Standard/Enterprise, Windows 2008 R2 Web/Standard/Enterprise Edition.

VPS Hosting Benefits

Reasons why more corporations choose to host on a dedicated Virtual Server:

  • Complete Isolation from other customers
  • Guaranteed Resource allocation
  • Highest Performance
  • Security & Reliability
  • Complete access to server configuration

Being able to install any software and configure the server as needed is an advantage you can never have in a shared hosting environment

Mission Critical Database Applications, such as ERP, CRM, Inventory Management, Accounting Software etc. should be hosted on a dedicated VPS. Shared hosting environment is not suitable for mission-critical applications.

Managed Windows VPS Plans

VPS plans vary by resource limits (CPU, RAM Disk space etc.). All plans allow unlimited Website, FTP, Database & Email accounts. Choose from one of the available plans, or call us to get a custom configuration quote.

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