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Feature of GS Tech Accounting Inventory Software Bangladesh

Feature of Purchase Module

Master button to configure Suppliers Group & Detail (with add date) and Register, Purchase Requisition,Quotation for Purchase,Purchase Order Register, Purchase Challan/Receive Inventory,Purchase Invoice,Purchase Return,Accounts Payables, Purchase Return Register,Component Price List,Party-wise Product/Product-wise Party Purchase Analysis Report.
Extra Reports: Supplier Balance Graph,Purchase Discount, Purchase & Payment by Month,Item Purchase by Month, Purchase Voucher Process, Carrier-wise Supply Report,Location-wise Purchase

Feature of Sales Module

Customers Detail (with add date) and Register, Sales Representative Details, Fixation of Price Level and Sales Price, Configuration for Gift Item or Bonus, Quotation for Sales, Sale Order/Delivery Order/Challan Register, Sales Invoice (configurable by the Users at entry level to get customized print format), Accounts Receivables, Sales Register, Sales Return Register, Sales price list, Party-wise Product/Product-wise Party Sales Analysis Report, Sales Commission

Extra Reports: Customer Balance Graph, Sales Representative List, Sales Ageing with Reminder Letter, Sales Discount, Pending Sales Order, Delivery Order, Sales Voucher Process, Invoice with Bonus, Invoice Summary (for dispatch), Party Summary (Debtors Statements), Profitability (Customer-wise/Item-wise/Branch-wise), Credit Limit Status, Pending Sales Order Representative-wise, Sales & Collection status, Month-wise Sales Status, Dispatch Collection (Payment Collection Format), Sales Register Group-wise, Sales Register Category-wise, Sales Register Representative-wise, Sales invoice (Details), Product-wise Sales Analysis Report Viewer, Sales Order Report Viewer, Bonus Report, Location-wise Sales Report

Special Feature for Sales & Distribution Management:

– Configurable bonus scheme (for Product/Gift-Item) during Invoicing
– Special discount scheme on invoice amount
– Invoice printing with Bonus information
– Summary of Invoices for Dispatch
– Payment Collection Format
– Sales Register: Group Summary report: Party-wise (with/without product)
– Sales Executive wise collection statement
– List of Sales Executive/List of Customers attached to Sales Executive(Marketwise/Branch wise)
– List of the new customer entered for the month
– Identified products sold marketwise for a certain period with/without value.

Feature of Inventory Module

Item creation with code, Stock Summary, Stock Valuation, Location-wise Stock Report,Stock Movement Analysis: Slow Moving & Fast Moving Item Register, Re-order Level & Minimum Level, Out of Stock Register, Item-wise Profitability, Store Ledger,Stock Transfer from one location to another, Management of Damaged Stock, Physical Stock matching at year-ending, Barcode Scanner Compatibility

Extra Reports: Negative Stock Status, Stock Status Location-wise, Stock Transfer Register, Stock Status (Voucher-wise & Sales Price-wise), FG wise Consumption, Manufacturing Planning, Production Schedule, Batch Report with Expire Date,Manufacturing Process List

Manufacturing Module

Manufacturing Process (Formula/Without Formula), Batch/Log Entry, Markup Value, Manufacturing Consumption, Manufacturing Finished Goods, Mfg. Voucher.
Reports of Manufacturing Module: Product costing with appropriation, Product-wise/Batch-wise Cost Analysis, Batch report, Item-wise Mfg. Voucher Reports (Details/Summary), FG wise Consumption, Manufacturing Planning, Production Schedule, Batch Report (Expire Date), Date-wise Manufacturing Report, Work-in-Progress, Manufacturing Process List

Feature of Accounts Module

Accounts: Ledger, Day Book, Cash Book, Bank Book, Group Summary, Trial Balance, Cash Flow Statement as per IAS, Trading Account, Profit & Loss Account/Income & Expenditure Account, Balance Sheet, Receipt & Payment Account, Bank Reconciliation Statement, Budget & Variance, Cost Center/Profit Center, Interest Report
Extra Reports: Ledger List, Compare Report, Multi-currency Voucher, Cost center Trial Balance, Cost center Ledger-wise, Group Summary, Group Summary Month-wise, Ratio Analysis, Top Management Dashboard, Daily cash Book, General Ledger/Journal, Multiple Ledger, Ledger with Running Balance, Ledger with Stock Details, Ledger with Cheque No, Cash & Bank Ledger(Multi), Cost center Column/Branch-wise, Money Receipt Format, Bank Cheque Print, Day Book with cost Category, GL Trail Balance, Profit & Loss Ledger-wise, Cash & Bank Detail, Ledger Summary, Branch/Project wise ledger report with multiple ledger selection option, Branch/Project wise Income/Expenditure Summary, Multi-Branch/Project wise Report for- Profit & Loss A/C, Receipt & Payment A/C & Balance Sheet with Multiple Branch/Project selection option, Branch/Project wise Journal Voucher Register

Branch/Project Accounting & Inventory

Purchase: Vouchers Reports, Payables and Purchase Register
Sales: Branch/Project wise Vouchers Reports, Receivables and Sales Register
Stock: Location-wise Purchase, Location-wise Sales, Location-wise Stock Report, Location-wise Stock Valuation, Location-wise Slow Moving & Fast Moving Item Register, Location-wise & Item-wise Profitability, Location-wise Store Ledger, Location-wise Stock Transfer Register
Accounts: Branch/Project List, Branch/Project-wise Ledger, Cash Book, Bank Book & Day Book, Group Summary, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet, Trading Account, Receipt & Payment A/C, Cost centre Report with Ledger-wise/Category-wise/Centre-wise, Budget & Variance, Fixed Assets Report;
– Branch/Project wise ledger report with multiple ledger selection option
– Branch/Project wise Income/Expenditure Summary
– Multi-Branch/Project wise Report for- Profit & Loss A/C, Receipt & Payment A/C & Balance Sheet with Multiple Branch/Project selection option
– Branch/Project wise Journal Voucher Register

Fixed Assets Management

Fixed Assets Schedule-Group-wise/Ledger-wise (Reducing Balance or Straight Line Method)

Post-Dated Cheque Management

Entry for Cheque Received/Payment, Change Date, Honored, Bounced, Return; PDC Register, Ledger Summary, Bounce/Change Report, Honored & Rtn. Report

Target & Achievement

Entry for Target, Item wise Amount and Item wise Quantity, Target & Achievement Related Report


Entry for Attendance, Allowance/Deduction Transaction, Leave Application, Payroll Generation; Pay Slip, Attendance Report, Leave Report, Employee List, Salary Details

Group Company Configuration & Report

Group Company Formation; Group Company Reports: Cash Flow, Receive & Payment, Profit & Loss Account & Balance Sheet

Feature of POS Module

POS module has been designed as per rules of NBR. There are options for generating Barcode for items, using Cash-Drawer and Display-Board for customers within the module.
UNIQUE Feature of GSTech:

Other Features Of GS Tech Accunting Software

✓ All modules are integrated
✓ Sales Target Fixation (Executive-wise) & Assessment of Achievement
✓ Post Dated Bank Cheque (PDC) Management module in separate interface
✓ Complimentary Customized Extra Reports in separate interface
✓ Built-in Fixed Assets Register with Depreciation Chart
✓ Receipt & Payment Statement, Cash flow Statement as per IAS
✓ Complete Branch Accounting with Branch-wise Trial Balance, P/L & Balance Sheet
✓ Three levels of Financial Statements: Group Company, Company & Branch/Project
✓ Consolidated Financial Statement of selective Branches/Projects
✓ Special Invoicing System for DO Business (Challan after Invoice)
✓ Barcode scanner compatibility for Point of Sales (POS)
✓ Data transfer facility between HO, Factory or Branch via Modem & Telephone
✓ Access in HO software from outside the country
✓ Supports Multi-Company, Multi-Branch, Multi-Location, Multiple Financial Periods & Multiple currencies
✓ Manufacturing Accounting: Product costing with appropriation
✓ Product Replacement & Warranty Management with Product-ID
✓ Supports Multiple levels in chart of Accounts & Multiple group structure in Inventory System
✓ First-rate speed & High Volume Data Handling Capacity with Relational Database
✓ Drill-down and Preview of Reports
✓ Strong User Access Control
✓ Secured Data Backup and Restore Facility
✓ Superior Performance for both Standalone & Network Version
✓ Unlimited scope for customization
✓ Menu-Driven Easy Learning Windows Interface
✓ Indigenous flavor in the color of GSTech- Red & Green